Sanctuary Gallery’s Grand Opening

Sanctuary Gallery & Boutique
“Communal Visions”
Artwork by Sean Brannan & Deron Cohen

Grand Opening Reception
Saturday July 26th, 6-10 pm

Live Music by Latanya Lockett
Bellydance Performance by Salome
Cocktails & Edible Art by Chef Dewey Mahoney

1700 National Ave San Diego CA 92113
RSVP to be included on guest list


Sean’s recent abstract work could be described as Modernist Cloissonnism- a style of painting with bold single color forms separated by dark heavy contours. The name evokes the technique of cloisonné, where wires (cloisons or “compartments”) are soldered to the body of the piece, filled with powdered glass, and then fired. The approach Sean takes to painting is to access the subconscious through the creative process. Often beginning with a continuous bold single line drawing, he creates non-representational forms that seem to create unions or relationships with one another. Once established, he uses colors that, for him, convey strong emotional and symbolic energy. The goal of the interplay of these shapes and colors is to create a playful meandering movement for the viewer. He tends to view these unions between line, form, and color as “communities”, or a microcosm that informs the interconnectivity of human relationships.
Sean Brannan received a BA in graphic design from Plymouth State University in 1994.

He currently resides in San Diego, CA.

DERON COHEN was born and raised in San Diego, California where he has shown his paintings extensively. Deron received a Bachelor in Fine Art from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1994 and has been creating art ever since. Most recently, he has been in group shows at Gallery 3060, Limbo Fine Arts, and Sushi Gallery, as well as one man shows at the Playa Gallery and the Nico Gallery in Seattle, Washington.

Through, Deron has been creating curricula for school art programs and teaching. Deron has also been teaching painting courses to adults at the San Diego Art Department in Northpark.

When he is not painting in the studio or teaching, he is collaborating with Paint Night Group and talking about himself in the third person.


“The act of creation is a very spiritual thing to me. When I am creating, I tap into a Source outside of myself. I never know the subject matter of a painting when I lay down my first brushstrokes. I start each painting by creating an unplanned composition of lines. Those lines begin to form images and those images begin to tell a story. I let the Source conduct my creativity and I perform the painting. A whole world that doesn’t exist anywhere but in my imagination spills out onto the canvas.

In my paintings I often depict stories and myths in which I try to communicate philosophical ideas or questions related to the human experience. Regardless of the small differences that exist between humans of different ethnicities, religions and geographical locations, we have the same basic needs and face many of the same problems. Love, War, Peace, Spirituality, Birth and Death are all themes that find their way into my artwork.

As I continue to learn more about life and painting, I feel I’m on the right path. If there is one thing that I can say with certainty it is that I am happiest when I am creating. When I am thinking creatively and producing something that wasn’t there before, I know that I am fulfilling my purpose in life. I believe that being creative is a gift, but it is a gift that everyone possesses. I have developed my gift over many years and am very happy to share it with you. I hope that it has a positive impact on you in some way.”


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