“The Timing” Art Exhibition

Sanctuary Gallery & Boutique
Artwork by Chris Elliman

Opening Reception
Saturday September 13th, 7-10 pm

Music by DJ Renzulli
Ice Sculpture and Cocktail Slide
Edible Art by Chef Dewey Mahoney
$10 Cover

1700 National Ave San Diego CA 92113
RSVP alana.sills@cox.net 619.549.0254

“Flower Glass” oil on canvas

CHRIS ELLIMAN is a multi-faceted artist who thrives on challenging subject matter and technical illustration. Elliman is a native Californian, born and raised in San Francisco. At the age of 16 Elliman became an entrepreneur, receiving his first commission for art as well as winning various awards. While providing himself with an income through fine art and airbrushing murals, Elliman continued to hone his artistic skills. In 1991, Elliman relocated to San Diego where he became head designer for Daniel Jenkins Designs. He eventually started his own clothing label, SNAPT USA. Longing to get back to fine art, Elliman sold SNAPT to Japanese Distributers. In order to capture the human form authentically, Elliman studied anatomy for 5 years.

After painting for 20 years, Elliman’s trademark style emerged. The subject of TIME is Elliman’s solution to life’s constant questions therefore making TIME significant throughout his series appropriately named THE TIMING. This series took hold in the fine art and limited edition arena and was signed by Gamut Control Publishing LLC out of Dallas, Texas. His thought provoking artwork is now collected around the world.

When out of the studio, Elliman can be found airbrush body painting throughout Southern California. Currently he can be found at UNIVERSAL in Hillcrest, Hardrock Hotel, On Broadway and Red Circle among many other venues in San Diego. His body painting business is called XOMPANY, pronounced “company”. This name describes how Elliman blends art and people together by considering the business being good company for anyone and any special event. Most recently, he has been asked to revamp his SNAPT USA clothing label as a lead designer.


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