Muse Art Exhibition & Fashion Trunk Show

Sanctuary Gallery & Boutique
“A Summer Fashion Event”
Featuring Tib Nelson Designs & Miss Delish Designs

Saturday August 16th, 6-10 pm

Live Music by Stereotech
Cocktails & Edible Art by Chef Dewey Mahoney

1700 National Ave San Diego CA 92113

RSVP to be included on guest list


For Maresa (Reese) Cogger, fashion is exciting, indulgent, inspiring, theatrical, exotic and daring! She loves the frivolity of it all, especially how the art form fills her with the childish exuberance associated with “dress up time”. Fashion can be wildly unpractical and she loves to bring these impractical ideas into her everyday life! Tib Nelson Designs derives from the maiden names of her two beautiful grandmothers, Gladys Nelson and Margie Tibodeau. This solo label has much of the same feel and inspiration as red llama designs. This line takes cues from photographs of her perfectly coiffed Grandmother walking down the streets of Seattle in the 1940’s, while incorporating her own love of costuming and street style. TND was partially created for her very own imaginary superhero, The Victorian Space Secretary! She is always on the go, but is not afraid to incorporate a wee bit of excitement into her daily life! All garments are handmade and one of a kind. You will not find yourself at a cocktail party sporting the same frock as the bird across the room sipping her fruity cosmo.


Miss Delish Designs incorporates femininity with daring audacity – bold, delicate jewelry that challenges the status quo. Asymmetry plays out unexpectedly and delightfully; an informal balance and harmony in each piece.

A Colorado native, Marisa Hurwitz, designer and creator behind Miss Delish Designs, draws inspiration from the awing beauty of nature, and almost anything vintage. Many of her pieces include shells – nature’s perfection – and vintage objects and findings.

Marisa’s creativity and artistic passion have shined her whole life. Growing up, she spent her summers enrolled in art classes beginning at the age of six. It was not until recently, though, that Marisa ever tested her skills in jewelry making, and now one year later, Miss Delish has set up shop on her dining room floor.

All Miss Delish pieces are handbuilt with love.


Sanctuary Gallery & Boutique
Artwork by DeAnne Williamson & Lydia Martin

Opening Reception
Friday August 8th, 7-10 pm

Live Music by Chelsea Dixon
Cocktails & Edible Art by Chef Dewey Mahoney
$10 Cover

1700 National Ave San Diego CA 92113

RSVP to be included on guest list


“I believe art should not only look beautiful, but should also have soulful messages that stir emotions.”

DeAnne Williamson is an artist and designer living in San Clemente, California. Her interest in art began at a young age while growing up in the Mojave Desert town of Barstow, California. Having a father who was a landscape oil painter, she was always encouraged to use her creativity to pursue various art projects. DeAnne attended San Diego State University in the graphic design program. After receiving her BFA, the desire to put her creative talents to work led her to a successful career in graphic design. She was honored to work for some of the top design firms in Chicago as well as San Diego and then took a 3-year break to study art history in Europe. In 2002, she made the decision to become a freelance designer. With more flexibility in her work schedule, she also decided to pursue her longtime love of fine art. DeAnne works with mixed media on canvas: collage, acrylic and found objects. She utilizes collage to represent the underlying expression in her work. She believes that art should not only look beautiful, but should also have soulful messages that stir emotions. Her art has rapidly gained local interest and has been displayed at the Bradford Gallery in Newport Beach, Gallery 104 in San Clemente, WestEdge Gallery in San Clemente and the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin, Germany. DeAnne lives in sunny southern California with her husband Greg and son Oliver.

LYDIA MARTIN grew up in an artistic family and was encouraged to pursue art when she showed interest and creativity at an early age. After high school she attended The Advertising Arts College of San Diego to pursue a career in Graphic Arts. After several years as a freelance designer she decided to pick up fine art again and hasn’t turned back since. She has sold her paintings world-wide over the last three years by means of the internet and a growing number of friends and local supporters. Her work is said to be both visually captivating and strongly emotional.


The ultimate goal with my art is to visually express emotions that cannot be confined by common words and to tell the story of the human soul. But if no one ever sees my art then that’s OK too. I just need to keep creating-it’s therapy to get me through my own emotional experiences and insomnia-induced thoughts.

I am inspired by many things but find relation to nature and the female form most inspiring. These things can be both raw and beautiful which make for striking art. But also, the metaphorical qualities they contain takes the art to a different level for me. Elements of nature, in my paintings, represents the ephemeral qualities of life, the struggle to survive and the reminder that we are mortal, fleshy beings. I find that the soul, emotions,and spiritual side of our being is best represented with the female figure. I think most will agree that women carry a lot of inner strength while still remaining vulnerable to the emotional side, which is why words like goddess and muse are used throughout the history of art.

My latest series is based on very simple concepts that everyone encounters when they are faced with making a decision that may change the direction of their life. Standing at the threshold of commitment, the thoughts and emotions of past experiences and lessons learned seem to cause us to hesitate, to wait, to fear and possibly turn away. It’s our survival instincts kicking in. And yet the human spirit is constantly tested and we find ourselves standing in that doorway, time and time again, contemplating what’s beyond. This series of artworks touches on a few of the emotions that are felt when flirting with devotion.



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