“Abstract vs. Pop”

Sanctuary Gallery & Boutique
“Abstract vs Pop”
Artwork by Jacki Geary & Todd Sanders

Saturday October 11th, 7-10 pm

Live Music by Adam Moore
Edible Art by Chef Todd Sanders

$10 Cover includes 2 drinks

1700 National Ave San Diego CA 92113

RSVP alana.sills@cox.net to be included on guest list

JACKI GEARY first discovered her artistic proclivity at a very young age. Growing up in Connecticut, she loved drawing portraits of family and friends. She studied art, with a concentration in photography, at Western Connecticut State University, where she earned a bachelor’s of fine art degree and graduated with honors, in addition to winning the Excellence in Photography Award. Although Jacki took art classes in college, she considers herself a self-taught painter. Her focus is on color, composition and texture. She finds the psychology of abstract expressionism very interesting, as it is a window into an artist’s mind. Jacki has exhibited her paintings in galleries, professional establishments and non-traditional venues.

Recently Jacki was awarded the prestigious “Emerging Artist – Honorable Mention” at the Gaslamp Art Showcase in San Diego. She has sold to private collectors from all over the country and is an active member of Temecula Artist Collective. Currently residing in southern California, Jacki continues to pursue her passion for the arts as a highly sought after painter and professional photographer.

TODD SANDERS started painting in 1997, after realizing that he had a love for expressing himself through fine art. He has always had quite an imagination since childhood. In his late 20’s, with his keen sense of creativity, he attended the Art Institute of Seattle earning an Associates Degree in the field of Culinary Arts. He stretches his creativity from the kitchen cutting boards and on to the canvases that sit on his easels. Painting with bright colors and bold lines, you can meet Todd through his paintings, as they carry the innocence of childhood. You will see the colorful playful side of Todd and yet also discover his authentic boldness. With inspiration from artist such Matisse, Keith Haring, and David Hockney, Todd continues to create and expand the ideas of “pop” art. Each painting provides a small glimpse into his life. His paintings will be of a fading memory or something he has seen or experienced. The choice for using acrylics allows him to get all his thoughts and visions out onto the canvas as fast as they form and manifest in his head. His paintings are usually of a person, place or event that has become a stepping stone in this journey called life.


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