Day of the Dead Art Show

Sanctuary Gallery & Boutique
Artwork by Chanel & Christine Penley

Saturday November 1st, 7-10 pm

Music by DJ Boddicker
Burlesque Performance by Mynx D’Meanor
Edible Art by Chef Dewey Mahoney

$10 Cover includes Drinks & Edible Art

1716 National Ave San Diego CA 92113

RSVP to be included on guest list

The Art of Chanel and Christine Penley

Chanel and Christine were born and raised in San Diego California and both drew at an early age. During their high school years, they attended art classes; Christine leaning towards Fashion Design, Chanel more towards traditional studies and Graphic Arts. After high school, Christine went to college to pursue a degree in Fashion Design, but the extreme hours at work caused her to drop the classes. Chanel continued pursuing art classes such as Life drawing in college while changing majors from Interior Design to Multimedia. In 2006, Chanel went back to school to pursue her Bachelors in 3D Modeling and Animation.

From Comics to Art: Chanel and Christine decided to make comics back in 2003 and in 2005, created Evil Revolution Studios ( which still runs today. Chanel works on “Evil Kittens Revolt” and Christine works on “Mr. Bones and Death”. Most of their inspirations for the comics come from real life situations dealing with work, bad mornings, friends and family driving them nuts, traffic, run-ins with the law, and whatever else ruins their day. Christine and Chanel try to make laughter out of misery, which is how their comics came to be. Both joined the video game industry in 2000 and have experienced the ups and downs of the industry. Christine still works within the industry, but Chanel has moved on to the Web related field while working on her Bachelors. With the personalities of co-workers, tremendous amounts of hours worked, seeing friends get laid off and never moving up are the events that have changed the sisters’ views on work and play. The comics were created separately and have the personality of their creators.

In 2006, they had the idea to go a different direction than working on comics. They started to paint again though neither of them had painted for years. As seen by their comics, the art represents its creator. Chanel’s art ranging from light hearted as seen with some of the cat paintings, to dark and sexy. Chanel’s influences come from artists such as Patrick Nagel, Tim Cantor, Walt Disney and Warhol. The Fashion Classes were not a loss for Christine as she applied what she learned to her art. She took the Fashion sketching style of tall, very slender bodies and mixed it with her own exaggerated features and dark persona. Her style is also heavily influenced by Tim Burton and Walt Disney who she has admired since she was a child. Christine’s paintings are darker but some still containing a sense of humor.


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